The world of business today is very volatile and unpredictable. Organizations need to generate, embrace and execute new ideas for a competitive edge.
Design thinking is an approach that can unlock the creative potential of your organization, no matter the industry. Avantika, introduces Design Thinking Workshops, to help businesses solve problems and innovate relentlessly.

They do this by providing an access to the best global practices for developing the mindset, skillset, and toolkits of designers and innovators to empower professionals with a human-centric, future-oriented approach. 

I joined team Avantika as the graphic design consultant to bring these workshops to life from branding, visual language, to social media posts, publications, space graphics and a lot more. 

A small take on Design Thinking by Dr. Sanjay Dhande.

Prof. Sanjay Jain talks about Avantika Design Thinking Workshops and how it benefits different sectors.

Social media posts. 

Responsive web design. 

The workshops aim to break away from the conventional formats of Design workshops.
We intend to create meaningful experiences through spaces and zones that represent various concepts of Design Thinking. These concepts can assist the participants to successfully inculcate the Spirit of Design in their workplaces.
The participants will be exposed to design tools and techniques throughout the 2 days of the workshop.

These are photos from the workshops held in Delhi and Bangalore.

The team and participants of ADTW Delhi.

We!  the team :D Was a pleasure working with all of them!

Dr. Sanjay Dhande and Prof. Sanjay Jain giving a talk on Avantika Design Thinking Workshop

Dr. Sanjay Dhande
Former Director-IIT Kanpur
Padma Shri awardee, Dr. Sanjay Govind Dhande is a notable Indian engineer and educationist.

Prof. Sanjay Jain
Director, Design Education at Avantika University
Founder Director-Academics with MIT Institute of Design.

ADTW Delhi participants sharing their experience about the workshop. 

Glimpse of ADTW workshop in Bangalore

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