Iver Grizzle is a specialized clothing apparel brand. 

Its focus is on creating t-shirts and clothing designs that have a story!
These designs are one of a kind, limited edition prints. 

We had to design a packaging that would go hand in hand with the story of Iver Grizzle.


ASHWIN CHACKO: I am a storyteller because, stories have always fascinated me. They are an integral part of society. Mankind has been telling stories from the beginning of time. The mediums has changed but there is something about a good story that touches the hearts of the listeners.

Who is Iver Grizzle?

Iver is a bear that lives on earth. His ancestor are the chronically keepers and they document all the stories in the universe on a planet scholarlia. His father was the greatest keeper of them all, but he had to leave Iver on earth because that's what the story wove for him. He left Iver in the care of an older human couple that always wanted children. So Iver grew up just like you or me. He loves to write poems and is obsessed with story telling. His fav orate thing to do roll down the hillside on his skateboard. 

Existing T-shirt Illustrations

by Ashwin Chacko.



Each product will come packaged uniquely, for this project we will be focusing on the t-shirt. 
- It needs to revolve around telling stories
- Our motto: inspire, influence & impact as the themes for the t-shirts. 
- The packaging needs to ENGAGE, INTERACT & SHARE 

Final Packaging.

Bottle symbolising a message in a bottle and a story book to carry all the stories of the illustrations on the t-shirt!

A wine bottle holder used for display, made by Navin Devnani Torres.

A wine bottle holder used for display, made by Navin Devnani Torres.

Postcards to share.


Form explorations.

Form mockups

Graphic explorations

Exploring with laser engraving.

The project was executed by a team of 3 with Yohan Chacko, Malvika Bhasin and myself!