There is a one in two chance that your mind is on something else while you read this sentence.
Made by Vikash Raj aka Dippedinform for .NOW.

Made by Vikash Raj aka Dippedinform for .NOW.

More often than not we’re everywhere but in the present. Our thoughts are running wild and we don’t know how to come back home to the being.Even now, we’re pre-occupied with thoughts of what is supposed to be done, what happened yesterday but what if we could keep everything on hold, just for one moment.

Just for one moment, let time stand still and let your mind stand still with it.

Join us in this multi-disciplinary design exhibit, giving you an experience of being in the now.


This exhibit, has been put together by a mix of design students and professionals from different backgrounds in health psychology, cinema, advertisement, communication design, meditation and wellbeing with the hope to get you to feel something rather than to think.


MAte is an attention seeker designed to grab your attention. So whenever you look at MAte, calm down,synchronize your breathing pattern and enjoy the present moment!

Beautiful installation made by Anushree Wagh and Anugraha Mahesh.

Sukriti has a background in yoga, meditation and mindful therapy. She only added value to the exhibit in a way that was most necessary. 

Her idea was to hold meditation sessions at the exhibit and be available to answer any questions people had with regards to the topic or the artwork. 


Shraddha played a key role in putting my ideas into words, an art in itself. All work for the website as well as our communication was written by her. 

Ritu has created the digital experience for .NOW.


Mehul developed not only solutions but, the understanding and design of way finding, exhibition layout, communication content, immediate delivery for publicity, business cards, postal invites and a lot more!

Stressed at work? Stressed at home? Don’t you worry!

Inspired from the Japanese Zen Buddhism, presenting to you II Shanth II, a miniature zen garden that uses rocks and sand to create the essence of nature. Swirling patterns in the sand represent water, while rock formations become mountains or islands.

It should not just cater to the eye but also to the ear and what better way to engage people in the now by giving them the experience of Mrinals music through meditation and active listening. 


In the synthetic lives that we lead today, we seem to have strayed from our reality. 

Instead, we get busy playing our character in society. It’s easy to get entangled in a web of thoughts about events past and appointments yet to come, about birthdays to be wished and emails to be read. Amongst this noise, it’s easy to forget our identity as living beings. As a part of the universe. Why not take a step back from our tedious schedules?Why not pass the moment, right now, in unison with the universe? Why not relish existence, one moment at a time? 

The following films aim at highlighting this difference between our mundane existence with the serene peace that comes outside of man-made existence.


Note: These images explore different psychological disorders such as anxiety, depression, Bipolar disorder. They are like rorschach test, where each one can have their own interpretation, through which they will be able to explore more about them than the photographer/ artist. 


At general occasions Shantnu is the one behind the projector, his idea for this one was giving people the feeling that their emotions and thoughts are in their owncontrol by providing the control panel that affects the visual on the screen, to the people itself. That way the people, would be creating their own visuals and simultaneously in the excitement of it, would be in the now!


I will not bore you with the details, so in short,other than curating the exhibition, I had to make artworks to match the script of the exhibit that would guide the visitors with simple art based cues. 

The total artworks made was 61 for the exhibit. Each artwork had a small write up under it to give people a better context.

In addition, artworks and GIFs were made as a way to create a buzz about the exhibit in social media. 


Following below are some GIFs made for publicity of the event.

Lovely Cinema 4D work by Vikash Raj.

Screen Shot 2017-01-25 at 2.26.32 pm.png

TIFA Working Studios is an alternative education platform that looks at residencies and workshops as formats that can be employed and utilised for constructing a learning network. They are working on new formats to find ways of resolving the bottlenecks that we experience and observe everyday in the field of art, culture and education.

TIFA was created to innovate and experiment within and outside of the existing educational ecosystem in India to provide resources, tools and processes to other institutions, art organizations and cultural communities. These are provided and shared through collaboration, documentation and archiving.

Installation made by Shaila Ankolekar and Tanay Wadodkar.

“Art is often the medium to express a variety of things that cannot be written or spoken about, simply because the words to describe them don’t exist. Pain, joy, suffering, ecstasy- put onto canvas are much greater in undistilled emotion. In its abstraction it communicates the artist’s purest intentions, without allowing words to distract from them. Sure, we could’ve written a book on mindfulness. We could’ve given a talk on being in the now. And you would’ve understood. But only through art- and it’s subsidiary of design- will you be able to actually feel. There’s plenty that our brains cannot comprehend but can experience, and can subliminally read in the coming together of line, texture and color. Therefore design. We aren’t trying to inform or educate. We’re trying to make you feel.” - Sneha Mehta
There is only ever this moment.

Process of the project in detail.