Starting off  as a few doodles in my book, 2 illustrations went a long way to surfing in India! This is the journey of these illustrations from a classroom project of folder design to the walls of a surf school called Surfing Yogis in Puri, Orissa and eventually to the India Surf Festival,2015! Accompanied with the work I wish to give you an idea of the experience at the school as well as the festival! Hope you enjoy the journey!


This is the folder design for a classroom project with the objective of spreading awareness of the surf conditions in India as well as providing information about 6 surf schools where one could stay and learn. It also had a collectable value with an illustrated poster.


December 2014, my friend Navin and I made a trip to Orissa, where we stayed at Surfing Yogis, a surf school in Puri. Here we painted a wall and a surf board shaped wooden plank. This is  small idea of our experience there!


The painting was right at the entrance of the surf school.

This is our surf instructor, Yogi, standing with the painted board!


Within a month of return from our trip, Navin and I headed back to Orissa for the India Surf Festival as volunteers. Here is a link to the India Surf Festival to get an idea of what it is like!

Also this is a small idea of our experience there. All credits to the ISF documentation team.

I went there as a part of the documentation team called Hungry Lens and also practised some yoga and stand up paddle!

This is a feature of us in the largest circulated Oriya daily, Sambad newspaper.

At the festival, the Surfs Up India folder was distributed to everyone and the painted yogi was put on display. It was an incredible experience!