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Lacuna Kitchen

Lacuna Kitchen is a participatory theatre performance by Abhishek Thapar. I am fortunate to be a part of it as visual designer alongside a wonderful and talented team. It premiered in Kampnagel, Hamburg early 2023 and also showed at Ruhrfestspiele later that year.

What is lacuna kitchen?
In most restaurants, before your palate experiences the food, it is cut, cooked and served by people whose existence stays blissfully invisible. By interacting intimately with the same food, you can't be far away from each other. You may tip them and they may smile back at you. But rarely do your interactions overlap. Between them and you, there will always be a gap: a lacuna.

At Lacuna Kitchen we mind this gap and strive to mend this gap.

Here the tables are turned and the workers now take the lead role. Come learn from the experts : the art of invisibility

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Lead Artist:  Abhishek Thapar                                                                  

Assistant Director & Production:  Clara Hanae Tolle                                          

Dramaturgical Advise: Tarun Kade                                                           

Composition, Sound Design & Recording: Andi Otto                           

Set & Light Design: Julien F. Thomas                                                   

Artistic Advisor:  Arthur Kneepkens                                                                   

Culinary Advisor: Yasemin Atici 

Photography: Sinje Hasheider & Maria Koltschin                                                  

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